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파일 형식 파일 형식 .SAVEFILES - Fallout/SafeFiles Ransomware
분류 분류 S
회사 회사 Fallout/SafeFiles
간추린 설명 간추린 설명 Fallout/SafeFiles Ransomware
파일 상세정보 파일 상세정보 Fallout 익스플로잇 킷(Nuclear 익스플로잇 킷 변종, CVE-2018-8174)를 기반으로 배포되는 랜섬웨어.
Fallout은 GandCrab ransomware의 유포에도 사용된다.

Delaware, USA – September 17, 2018 – Appeared in August 2018, Fallout Exploit Kit started spreading new ransomware strain through malvertising campaigns. Ransomware researcher Michael Gillespie detected the beginning of the campaign, and Kafeine discovered the way in which malware gets on the victims’ computers. Prior to the last week, Fallout Exploit Kit distributed GrandCrab Ransomware, and researchers from FireEye published the detailed analysis of the EK. Attackers compromise legitimate websites and host the Fallout Exploit Kit, then they use malvertising and redirect chains to lure users to the malicious pages. The Exploit Kit analyses the user browser profile and exploits VBScript vulnerability (CVE-2018-8174) to download and install the SAVEfiles ransomware.
여는 프로그램 여는 프로그램 Fallout/SafeFiles Ransomware
확인된 문자열 확인된 문자열 !!!SAVE_FILES_INFO!!! (TXT)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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