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파일 형식 파일 형식 .RYK - Ryuk ransomware
분류 분류 R
회사 회사 Lazarus
간단 요약설명 간단 요약설명 Ryuk ransomware
파일 상세정보 파일 상세정보 Ryuk ransomware was first detected in August 2018 and is spread via highly targeted attacks, although the infection method is currently unknown. According to Check Point researchers, when Ryuk infects a system, it kills over 40 processes and stops more than 180 services by executing taskkill and net stop on a list of predefined service and process names. Additionally, Ryuk requires Admin privileges to run and maintains persistence by writing itself to the Run registry key. Researchers have noted several similarities to the Hermes ransomware, suggesting that the recent Ryuk campaigns may be related to the Hermes operators or another threat actor who has obtained the Hermes source code. Some of the similarities between Hermes and Ryuk include the same file marker for encrypted files, similar whitelisted folders, and a similar script to delete shadow volumes and backup files. Ransom demands have varied among victims, ranging from 15 BTC to 50 BTC, with a combined profit of over $640,000 in bitcoin generated from victim payments.
여는 프로그램 여는 프로그램 Ryuk ransomware
확인된 문자열 확인된 문자열 RyukReadMe.txt, UNIQUE_ID_DO_NOT_REMOVE.txt
프로그램 ID 프로그램 ID
관련 파일 관련 파일
관련 링크 관련 링크 외부링크 https://www.cyber.nj… [16]  외부링크 https://www.boannews… [18]  
스폰서 링크
스크린샷 첨부 관련 스크린샷이나 이미지를 첨부해주시면 연구에 많은 도움이 됩니다.
See also 이메일 문의 유해정보 신고 VZS2 랜섬웨어 국제공조대응 양성평등센터
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추천 ESET Security Solution

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